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5Rhythms on the Konferencja Kosmos Festival in Wolimierz

You are invited to experience 5Rhythms with Tomasz during the Kosmos Festival in Stacja Wolimierz, Poland.

Venue: Stacja Wolimierz ul. Dworcowa 73, 53-028 Leśna gmina

Time: Friday, 19th July 2020,  starts: 12:30, main stage

5Rhythms® is a kind of dynamic meditation in the movement. It’s a practice of the conscious being in your own body, here and now; it’s a practice of creative and mindful existence.

5Rythms® is a method that was created and patented in the 60’s of the past century in the USA by Gabrielle Roth. Within a few decades, it has spread around the world, yielding a tribe that consists of tens, if not hundreds of people.

In the material terms, 5Rhythms® features all the advantages of the intense, physical activity: the movement releases endorphins, your blood circulation improves, the sweat cleanses your body from toxins.

In the spiritual terms, the same practice becomes a trigger that makes the strong, transformative process possible. The movement lets the dancers go beyond the sense of isolation and their ego; the blood circulating in veins becomes the flowing life energy; the sweat cleanses the body and sanctifies the existence.

5 qualities of the movement (Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness) teach us how to awaken the infinite creativity throughout the movement.

Like every meditation or the physical activity, 5Rhythms® has also a therapeutic aspect.

If you like to move to the sounds of music – this practice is probably for you. If you’re the person who dances alone at home when nobody watches – it means that there’s an Eternal Dancer inside you and the 5Rhythms® will help him/her come to light!

Rhythms are the guidelines on our ways back to ourselves: sensitive, wild, passionate, instinctive and beautiful ones.

The classes are called The 5Rhythms®Wave. During the classes, through the movement, we will feel our bodies from the inside and will let them move on their own, intuitive, creative way.

During the classes that follow the short warm-up, we will focus on every part of the body, one by one. In the dance, we will go with the flow of both ourselves and the group. We will „dance out” things that hurt us and other, that we’re even not aware of. It’s quite probable that you will leave the floor with peace of mind.

The fitness and endurance of the dancers don’t matter at all: what does matter is the energy we bring to the floor. The lack of energy is still some form of it, but the movement and exchange of the energy will get you out from the malaise!

The formula of the classes doesn’t change, yet each one is different. Sometimes we dance separately, sometimes together. We move according to our own body and its possibilities. We dance barefoot and in comfortable clothes. Take some water to the class; drink a lot of it both during the classes and after them!

I give regular classes in Warsaw, Dresden, Leipzig.

Warsaw / Poland

Every Thursday | 7:30 p.m.-10:00 p.m.

Classes have been suspended until further notice.

Studio Oddaj Ciężar, Twarda 42, 3rd floor. 00-831 Warszawa

Dear Dancers, the number of participants is limited, so please register beforehand: tomasz5rythms@gmail.com

ENTRANCE: 50 zł | students: 40 zł block of 10 classes: 450 zł


TanzDich! Dresden

Every Tuesday | 7:30 p.m.-10:00 p.m.

Classes have been suspended until further notice.

Freie Alternativschule Stauffenbergallee 4a , 01099 Dresden

Dear Dancers, the number of participants is limited, so please register beforehand: tomasz5rythms@gmail.com


DanceItOut! Leipzig

Wednesdays | 7:30 p.m.-10:00 p.m.

Classes have been suspended until further notice.

ETAGE LEIPZIG, Lützner Str.29 | 04177 Leipzig

Dear Dancers, the number of participants is limited, so please register beforehand: tomasz5rythms@gmail.com

Entrance: 15 EUR

Apart from regular classes, I also hold workshops and organize other events.

Are you choosing LIFE?
Are you choosing YOUR life?
We are inviting you to 6 incredible days of:
*Shedding old layers
*Owning your Power
*Re-Connecting to the Authentic Expression of your True Nature: Freedom, Love, Perfection – and Totally UNIQUE.

LOVE LIFE workshops are a combination of the magical map of the 5Rhythms® movement meditation led by Tomasz Szymocha (certified 5 Rhythms teacher), and powerful practices and methods, coming from the worlds of Shamanism, body-centered psychotherapy, mindfulness, and Tantra led by Ela Merom(Israel).

This is one of a kind combination which creates a very potent field of exploration,
healing, and Joy.

Eros In 5 Rhythms 2019 – 4 Day Workshop

This is a LOVE LIFE Workshop: 5 Rhythms and Eros “Expand Your Body, Mind, and Love Making” By: Ela Merom (Israel), Tomasz Szymocha (Poland) 4 Day workshop, in the Jerusalem mountains, ISRAEL LOVE LIFE workshops hold a unique combination of the magical map of the...

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5-day international workshop : Feminine – Masculine – Me “LOVE LIFE INTERNATIONAL Workshops. ”  Świeradów-Zdrój, Poland Each of us has undiscovered power in it! The power of life, the power of the body, the power of our inner nature - ours. In order to experience it...

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    5-dniowy międzynarodowy warsztat : Kobiecość – Męskość – JA “LOVE LIFE INTERNATIONAL Workshops. ”  Świeradów-Zdrój Każdy z Nas ma w sobie nieodkrytą do tej pory moc! Moc życia, moc ciała, moc naszej wewnętrznej natury - naszego JA. Aby w pełni jej doświadczyć...

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DanceItOut! At the weddingDanceItOut! On the wake

I believe that one can dance out not only our internal obstacles but also the external ones: in our relationships, our world, and the universe. The energy generated by the dance has got an amazingly transforming power, and the dance for a specific, good intention brings results that will manifest themselves over time.

5Rhythms® help people dance out their emotions related to both beautiful and sad circumstances in their lives. Contact me to organize the private session of 5Rhyhms® Wave for you and your guests.

For me, the rhythms are the celebration of life, feminine and masculine element in each of us, the path of spiritual development and tantra.

– Tomasz Szymocha.

I am an accredited 5Rhythms® teacher.Rhythms are my vocation.

– Tomasz Szymocha

However, I am also an actor, yogin and Lomi Lomi massage therapist. I graduated ISTA level 1.

My reality is full of love and dance and so is my 5Rhythms dancefloor. I derive from shamanism, deep contact with nature, fascination with the theater and the wisdom that is constantly passed on to me by my five children.

In 2011 I founded the BioRezydencja in Świeradów – Zdrój: a beautiful, ecological, rural retreat; a place of revival for the body and the spirit, where I also sometimes run 5Rhythms®Waves.


tel. +48 504 173 833

tomasz5rythms@gmail.com  →  organizational issues

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