FEMININE - MASCULINE - ME - 5Rytmów z Tomaszem Szymocha

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5-day international workshop : Feminine – Masculine – Me “LOVE LIFE INTERNATIONAL Workshops. ”

 Świeradów-Zdrój, Poland

Each of us has undiscovered power in it!

The power of life, the power of the body, the power of our inner nature – ours. In order to experience it fully, one should feel the balance that will allow us to enjoy life in its constant flow. Do you know people who are extremely creative, successful and breathing every day? These people have found a balance in themselves and know what feminine and masculine qualities are. Join us during this unique 5 day workshop, where we can immerse ourselves in our internal landscape to get to know and heal. We invite you to rediscover your uniqueness. You are perfect, in this body, be it a Woman or a Man.


Our Love Life workshop is a unique space where we combine dynamic dance practice with 5 Rhythms® (2 sessions per day), with tools drawn from the Tantra / Szamanizmu / Mindfulness / Work with the body tradition. All this to create the best conditions for this deep and transforming journey. The workshop will be held the Cocoa Ceremony, that is, purification through joy, play and presence and a deep session in nature. The leaders, Ela and Tomasz, have a lot of experience in co-creating a sacred space for group processes. For both, the priority is to create a safe space where each participant, in his own borders, will experience this immersion in himself. The workshop will be run in English. The organizers provide an experienced interpreter (Polish and Hebrew), which allows participants from Poland, Germany, Israel and many other countries to take part in the workshop. Join our international community, people who love Life!


Price for the first 10 people (Early Bird): 1880 PLN / € 450 Regular price: 2050 PLN / € 490 The price includes: the cost of the workshop + delicious vegetarian meals + stay in beautiful apartments ==> All Inclusive! Registration: tomasz5rythms@gmail.com To reserve a place, you must make a transfer to the BioRezydent account: 580 z / € 140 Heller Natur Tomasz Szymocha Główna 12, 59-850 Świeradów Zdrój PKO account number: 75 1020 2137 0000 9002 0143 4547 SWIFT / BIC: BPKOPLPW IBAN 75 1020 2137 0000 9002 0143 4547

Tomasz Szymocha

Tomasz Szymocha


– Tomasz is an accredited 5Rytmów teacher and founder of LOVE LIFE workshops, actor, yogi, Lomi Lomi and Kashmir massager. His reality is full of love and movement, just like his work on the dance floor during 5 Rhythms. He is inspired by shamanism, deep contact with nature, fascination with theater and wisdom, which his four children continuously transmit to him. In 2011, Tomasz founded the BioReission in Świeradów-Zdrój: a beautiful ecological, rural resort, a place of renewal of the body and spirit, where he also conducts classes.

Ela Merom

Ela Merom


Ela is a teacher and author of the LOVE LIFE workshop, a mediator in the “Art of Love School”. A mother of two wonderful daughters. Ela has been conducting personal development workshops in Israel and abroad for less than two decades. In his work he combines Heart, Body and Consciousness. Her first serious awakening as an adult was due to Buddhist wisdom and since then has deepened the experience of the shamanic path, mystical Jewish tradition, sacred sexuality, body-focused psychotherapy and much more. Her studies were both academic and experimental. He has a master’s degree in religion and has been ordained a rabbi. The role of intimacy and the full experience of life forces are in the main area of ​​her work. It invites you to a groundbreaking exploration of the essence of happiness, love, creating sensual, deep relationships with the world and yourself. The expansion of our hearts and minds can be experienced and make our lives a real adventure.



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Read what participants feel after our workshops :

A great workshop. A combination of deep work and pleasant time. Conducted with great attention to the boundaries of each participant. The instructors offer participants a lot of support, I am happy to recommend this workshop to anyone, both people with experience in various types of body work, as well as completely new beginners


I am grateful for the workshop combining the 5 rhythms that I love so much with the elements of tantra (many simple exercises, work with breath). Opening the time, he dissolved further layers of blockages that were stuck in the body. Dance, closeness of people and nature in a safe space, which we created together with Ela Merom ToMaszem 5Rytmów, assistants and all participants – this is a special time 🙂 Meeting on Polish soil of people from Israel, Germany and Poland had a deep meaning for me. Transformation of the past! Loving oneself with life is the original state of our soul and body. I heartily recommend such a personal development work. Every place where the workshop took place is sanctified by Shalom!


Gratitude is what I feel. I’m still smiling and I feel a complete person. I see and appreciate my body, I feel my soul, my heart hears my mind. Tomasz, you are crazy and sensual. Ela, you are a savage woman, I am honored that I had the chance to meet and express myself in the true sense of the word. I never shouted so loud (even during the delivery of my son), I never laughed so much and did not dance so freely. I came here to be more with me, to see myself. You helped me achieve this. I am sincerely happy, thank you


Love life “is not just a workshop for me. It’s time to meet with yourself. Recognizing and releasing their blockades, while respecting borders, was an amazing experience. A path that strived for truth and gave a sense of freedom. she opened her heart. I felt the power. Strength to continue living in openness. Without a protective armor. I love Life. I recommend a workshop with all my heart