Kundalini Yoga/Tantra/Dance · Retreat | wild beauty - 5Rytmów z Tomaszem Szymocha

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I am a part of this beautiful workshops!

• Kundalini Yoga • Dance • Tantra •

Thursday, 20.8.2020 – Sunday, 23.8.2020

“in a society that profits from your self doubt liking yourself is a rebellious act.”

Get your rebel out and start to love yourself unconditionally!

When you are looking for a way out of
· overthinking & selfdoubts
· disconnection from your body and intuition
· limiting beliefpatterns
· selfdestroying habits

∞ this intensive could be the right thing to do in August 2020 ∞

We will work with powerful techniques from
· Kundalini Yoga & meditation
· shamanic& natural ritual
• 5 rhythms dance
· tantric practices
· sharing and community

Our intention is to get you out of your head and deeply into your aliveness and joy!
You will have the chance to encounter your daily life masks and roles and discover your deeper nature, your true essence.

We wish to create a space in which you can
· embrace life and yourself fully
· stepping into your power
· trust yourself and your intuition
· see the beauty in your wild and vulnerable sides